Course Dates

As independent footwear retailers you are only too aware of the issues facing our industry:

  1. falling footfall on the high street
  2. increased value retailers offering cheap alternatives
  3. reduced spending power due to the economic downturn
  4. shrinking margins and over reliance on supplier relationships.


Never has our ability to engage loyal customers and attract new ones been so critical. The 2012 UK Verdict market report on Footwear Retailing states “...engaging with consumers is vital particularly for specialists... they need to showcase [their] expertise and knowledge of the sector, convert browsers to shoppers, New workshops for 2013use blogs and microsites and provide advice re special occasions.” Recent interviews with IFRA members however show that our ability to promote our services, drive new footfall and make the most of customers that cross our threshold could be improved. Access to industry specific training at the right price to help with this however has not been readily available. To address these issues, IFRA are extending IFRA Learn to include a range of dedicated training courses to meet your needs. Starting in April 2013, in collaboration with Decisions by Design, we are offering industry specific workshops in London, Warrington and Solihull. The following pages describe what is available and how to book a place. We hope they are of interest to you.

Footwear Retail Sales

Today’s multi-channel shopping era allows customers to pick and choose, where, when and how they buy. To compete, attract and retain profitable customers, independent footwear retailers have to stand out from the crowd. ‘Retail Sales’ demonstrates and trains the skills crucial to successful customer interactions, sales and ‘add-on’ sales on the shop floor. It is designed for folk new to retailing or those who need to improve their personal sales skills.

During the programme attendees will learn how to:

  1. fluently describe their product and service differentiators
  2. recognise how and when to acknowledge and approach customers
  3. demonstrate the key stages of a customer focused sales conversation
  4. practise and rehearse the most common shop floor sales conversations
  5. work with colleagues to maximise sales in quiet and busy times.


Leading Footwear Retail Sales

As an independent retailer you will always be torn: “how do I buy and develop new business while running a shop to maximise sales and service?” One option is to recruit and develop a right hand partner. ‘Leading Footwear Retail Sales’ is designed to equip your trusted shop floor manager with the skills to maximise sales and service of the team in your absence.

During the programme attendees will develop techniques to:

  1. recognise what ‘good’ sounds like for common shop floor conversations
  2. observe and coach staff on the shop floor to develop sales
  3. organise the team to deal with quiet and busy times
  4. develop team product and service fluency
  5. deliver motivational huddles that provide direction and focus effort.


Spreading the Word – How to create footfall

As an independent retailer you know only too well how important it is to have a good reputation. Being known and having loyal advocates who tell their friends are critical to driving business. In these times of falling footfall however, bringing yourself, products and services to others’ attention needs to be done proactively – outside your shop. ‘Spreading the Word’ provides owners, managers and senior sales staff with the skills and confidence to go out and promote their products and services to new audiences.

During the programme attendees will learn how to:

  1. identify opportunities to engage with new customers, away from the shop
  2. draft an engagement campaign for their business
  3. describe their products and services fluently and succinctly 
  4. conduct a demonstration for small and large audiences
  5. measure success and consider which approaches work for them.


Reaching Out – Social Commerce for Independent Retailers

Technology has changed the face of retailing. The rise and growth of Social Media sites present different opportunities for sales promotion and engaging with customers. The questions for time poor footwear owners are; should I use them? if so which ones? for what? when? and how? ‘Social Commerce for Independent Retailers’ is designed for those who want to understand the basics what is out there, what are the pro’s and con’s of each site, which ones to use and how.

During the programme attendees will learn to:

  1. describe the common Social Media sites available, their role, how they vary and what they have to offer
  2. decide which ones are appropriate to them and how to integrate them with existing on-line presence
  3. draft a 12 month social commerce campaign for their business
  4. design a specific campaign for a product/service of their choice.