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Mission 60 - 2017


Mission 58 - 2016

Mission 58 travelled to Cazin Bosnia in the IFRA transit to deliver much needed lifesaving equipment and continue with training for the local firefighters.

Fraser Watson - Omniserv

Davie Dawson - Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Graeme Campbell - University of Dundee


Mission 54 - 2015

Graeme Campbell - University of Dundee

Lukas Belina - Dundee Airport Fire & Rescue Service/Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Fraser Watson - Omniserv


Mission 50 - 2014

David Kay - Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

This mission was a fact finding mission by our Chairman David Kay who met with representatives in the city of Cazin where an agreement was signed to continue support to Bosnia. David also overseen the distribution of PPE that had been shipped out recently.


Mission 49 - 2014

Graeme Campbell - University of Dundee

Fraser Watson - Omniserv


Mission 45 - 2013

The purpose of Convoy 45 was to travel to Cazin in Northwest Bosnia, using the IFRA transit to transport much needed Personal Protective Equipment. The total travel was in excess of 2000 miles, 1200 of which was by road and would require us to travel through 5 countries on route.

The team comprised :

Gary Johnstone - Dundee Airport Fire & Rescue Service/Scottish Fire & Rescue Service RDS 

Sharon Bouckley - North Wales Fire & Rescue Service

Lukas Belina - Dundee Airport Fire & Rescue Service/Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Graeme Campbell - University of Dundee

Training was carried out on firefighting techniques, Hazardous Materials procedures including an introduction to Chemical protection Suits and also an introduction to Community Fire Safety.


Mission 30 - 2010


Mission 24 - 2009


Mission 20 - 2007


Mission 14 - 2007

After a gap of three years, we returned to Bosnia. This time we were donating a 1956 Green Goddess Fire Engine to Bosanski Krupa. On arrivel the team carried out training on the appliance and equipment as well as RTC and casualty handling. 

Tam McLucas - Fife Fire & Rescue Service

Jim McCune - Fife Fire & Rescue Service

Simon Mill - Dundee Airport Fire & Rescue Service/Fife Fire & Rescue Service (RDS)

Yasmim Muijkanovic - Translator


Mission 05 - 2004

Mission 5 delivered a former Fife appliance named Heart of Midlothian to Kljuc Bosnia. On arrival the team carried out training on the vehicle, pumps and also road traffic collision training using donated hydraulic rescue equipment.

Dave Sharp - Fife Fire & Rescue Service

Bob Rearie - Fife Fire & Rescue Service

Calum Bruce - Fife Fire & Rescue Service

David Hume - Edinburgh Airport Fire & Rescue Service


Mission 03 - 2003

Mission 3 were tasked with delivering an ambulance and associated medical equipment to th Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Banja Luka.

Chad Hudson - Emergency Services Promotions Department

Andy Beveridge - Fife Fire & Rescue Service


Mission 02 - 2003

Our second mission travelled to Bosanski Petrovac in Bosnia where they donated two vehicles, a Tata 4x4 Rescue Vehicle and a Dennis Fire Appliance. Both vehicles were loaded with much needed equipment which the team delivered training on to local firefighters.

David Sharp - Fife Fire & Rescue Service

Bob Rearie - Fife Fire & Rescue Service

Bob Kennedy - Fife Fire & Rescue Service

Brian West - Mines Rescue Service


Mission 01 - 2002

Where it all began. After helping out on a mission for Edinburgh Aid, our chair, David Kay started the journey that would become one of the largest emergency service charities in the country. Witnessing the dire situation in Kljuc and with help, an Izuzi Trooper was purhased and driven to Bosnia loaded with equipment.

Team - David Kay - Fife Fire & Rescue Service